Case Studies

Gulf Coast Condo #2

Client: Condominium Association
Location: Florida Gulf Coast
Completion: Jun thru Jul 2006
Corrections Cost: $70,000
Key Project Team: Timothy Toburen

In June of 2006 a 10-story, 110 unit condo complex suffered a broken water supply line a 9th floor unit, with water draining down primarily inside wall cavities. The leak was not discovered and stopped until about 16 hours after it started, resulting in extensive water damage to common areas on nine floors and to 17 individual units. IET worked with the water damage restoration contractor to determine the exact extent of damage and to develop procedures for drying unusual structural assemblies rapidly enough to prevent mold growth. Thermal (infrared) imaging was used extensively for this determination and to monitor drying process.

Estimated savings created by the rapid drying over the cost of mold remediation in these areas is greater than $500,000.

Adobe Acrobat Required. Get it HERE.




Thermal imaging shows wet carpet and walls. Drying in progress.

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