Case Studies

Northern Gulf Coast Government Building

Client: Federal Courthouse
Location: Northern Gulf Coast
Completion: Sept 2005 thru Dec 2005
Corrections Cost: $4 Million+
Key Project Team: Timothy Toburen, Don Brewer

IET worked with two different restoration and remediation contractors to develop procedures allowing efficient water damage restoration and mold remediation to be performed on 8-story and 2-story federal courthouse buildings damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

While structural damage to the buildings was minimal due to excellent construction, water intrusion was widespread around building perimeters and on the ground floors. Severe limitations on drying procedures were created by lack of power and equipment, limitations imposed by building management, etc. The buildings were not dried rapidly enough to prevent extensive secondary mold growth. Proper drying techniques and supervision could have resulted in significant savings and reduced property damage.

IET worked with GSA and USPHS personnel to develop efficient and cost-effective remediation procedures involving over 250 separate containment areas. IET supervised effective completion of this work, providing quality control, documentation and safety oversight for the remediation contractor. Procedures developed by IET reduced time and expense required to complete the project by over 50% from original GSA estimates.

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