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Real estate represents a massive financial investment for owners. In the hot and humid climate of the southeastern US, moisture intrusion and poor humidity control may threaten the liquidity or value of that investment. IET's real estate services can help protect this value by preventing and/or locating and making recommendations to correct moisture intrusion and humidity control issues before problems develop. We can also develop procedures to properly remediate mold growth caused by such issues and document the return of the property to "normal" conditions, reassuring potential purchasers and assisting in maintaining the property value.

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New Construction
Moisture intrusion, humidity control and the choice of building materials and mechanical/electrical installations that significantly impact the future indoor environmental quality of a building are not usually addressed in building code inspections. It is easier and less expensive to prevent problems from occurring by proper design and construction than it is to fix them after construction is complete. IET reviews building plans and specifications, establishes performance criteria, makes recommendations related to materials and systems, and then regularly inspects the structure while it is under construction to ensure that the building envelope is tight and the HVAC is operating properly and material and system installations are installed to design specifications.

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Pre-Purchase Real Estate
Are you worried about buying into a problem property, one with serious moisture or mold issues? IET can pre-screen the property so you will know in advance the types of environmental challenges that may be present.

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New Construction

Pre-Purchase Real Estate

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Build Tight, Ventilate Right & Use Proper Materials—

Mold spores are present in all homes from normal infiltration. Construction defects, systems maintenance and owner operation can all negatively affect the building. If indoor moisture and humidity are controlled properly, mold growth cannot occur.
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