Case Studies

Gulf Coast Condo #3

Client: Condominium Association
Location: Florida Gulf Coast
Completion: Nov 2006
Corrections Cost: ~$60,000
Key Project Team: Timothy Toburen

This building suffered seven-figure water and mold damage over the years due to plumbing supply line leaks which were not located and repaired quickly. IET was requested to design and oversee installation of a system that would minimize future damage.

The system IET developed uses almost 500 moisture and humidity sensors installed inside wall cavities and HVAC systems in sensitive location. These sensors communicate wirelessly with internet "gateways" that relay the data to the home office of the sensor company, where a computer continuously monitors them for readings exceeding preset parameters. When readings indicate that a leak may have developed, the computer automatically notifies building staff via email or instant messaging.

Within a month of the system installation, a plumbing leak was detected, located and corrected shortly after it started, for a total cost of less than $3,000. A similar previous leak had caused damage upwards of $250,000 by the time it was discovered.

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Wireless sensor installed in a wall cavity to detect moisture problems before they cause serious damage.

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