Case Studies

Gulf Coast Condo #1

Client: Condominium Association
Location: Florida Gulf Coast
Completion: Mar 2006 thru Feb 2007
Corrections Cost: $1 Million+
Key Project Team: Timothy Toburen

IET inspected a 10-story, 110 unit condo complex that had developed multiple moisture intrusion, humidity control and mold amplification problems due to design issues, construction defects and 20+ years of inadequate maintenance. These issues were created by moisture intrusion through the exterior building envelope, excessive building negative air pressure and repeated plumbing supply line leaks.

After determining the extent of contaminated building materials in multiple locations in common areas and in upwards of 35 affected units, IET developed a mold remediation protocol for each area, worked with contractors to ensure that their remediation plans would be safe and effective, and provided project oversight and consulting services throughout the project.

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Extensive mold growth inside wall cavities caused by pumbling leaks not discovered for extended period.
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